Man held for posting girlfriend’s nude photos on Facebook

ପୁଣି ଏକ ସୋସିଆଲ କାଣ୍ଡ. ବାରମ୍ବାର ସେଇ ଏକା ଭୁଲ୍. କାହିଁକି ବା ଯୁବସମାଜ ଏହି ଭୁଲ ବାରମ୍ବାର କରୁଛି.??? ଆଇଟିଏରର କାଣ୍ଡକୁ ସପ୍ତାହେ ପୁରିନି ସହରରେ ଆଉ ଏକ ଭୁଲ୍. ଝିଅର ଫଟୋକୁ ଫେସବୁକରେ ଛାଡି ଯୁବକ ହେଲେ ଗିରଫ..


Cuttack: In yet another incident of posting girlfriend’s nude photos on social media, a man has been arrested by Mangalabag police on Sunday night for allegedly posting obscene photos of his girlfriend on social media by a creating fake facebook profile.

The accused has been identified as Asish Kumar Panda, Business Manager of Alniche Pharma Company. Reportedly, Asish had a love affair with the victim, a student of BOSE Engineering College in Cuttack, who hails from Brahmapura area under Baisinga police station in Mayurbhanj district.

The girl had lodged a complaint against the accused on June 1 after she came to know about her intimate photos gone viral on social media.

As per the complaint, when the victim asked Asish to delete the photos from facebook, he allegedly molested her in front of her college on May 23 and threatened her to kill.

Acting on the complaint, Mangalabag police arrested Asish with seizure of two smart phones from his possession from a hotel near College Square here and he was booked under IPC Section 341, 294, 354 (A), 354 (B), 506, 509 and IT Act 66 (E) and 67. The accused has been forwarded to court on Monday.