Akshaya Trutiya today; ‘Ratha Anukula’ to begin today till Rath Yatra


It is generally said in Odia, ‘Bara Masare Tera Parba’ (13 festivals in 12 months). It signifies the fact there are many festivals which are been observed in the state of Odisha. Out of some of these, Akshaya Trutiya is the one which is celebrated across the state with traditional fervor. Akshaya Trutiya holds special significance in the cultural landscape of the Oriya people as it is closely related with the Rath Yatra of Puri.

It falls on the third Tithi (lunar day) of Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of the pan-Indian month of Baisakha and one of the four most important days for Hindus. Although the festival is celebrated mostly in the rural patches of Orissa as a major agricultural festival, City dwellers celebrate it by designating the day for purchasing gold and silver.

The day which is considered to be the most auspicious of all days of the year is generally preferred for commencing any new venture. As a tribute to this belief, the day is marked for the initiation of chariot making (known as Rath Anukula) of the famous Rath Yatra of Puri. The entire process of chariot making takes exactly 60 days to be completed from here on. The chief carpenters of the three chariots — Lord Jagannath’s Nandighosha, Balabhadra’s Taladhwaja and Subhadra’s Darpadalana — are required to complete the work over a period of two months.