Faces behind odia facebook page Odisha Troll


Caution: Long post Ahead!!!!!!

Hey Guys, Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous new year to you and your family.

Throughout our journey Many people have asked that who is the Admin (Creator/Owner) of Odisha troll page and from where we belong to … and yes it’s not a joke at all. I know the person who is reading this article also want to know the faces behind this Odia page Odisha troll. Each and every member who has contributed towards the growth of this page is an Admin. Without their help its nothing. Today one the New Year eve we pleased to show the face behind the page.

I am very greedy towards Likes in facebook so I was habituated to post memes on my timeline during our initial days. On 22nd May 2015 suddenly I interacted with someone in Facebook and he saw my posts in my timeline and other Facebook groups and asked me to create a Facebook page and monetize those little creations. He is the person who actually influenced to open a facebook page. Our initial motto was to connect maximum Odias through the social media and facebook was best platform to reach out. Finally, I created Odisha Troll on 22nd may 2015.

In the beginning it was not so easy to increase number of likes, than the stupidity happened, yes.. we took the help of fake ids and some friends. They shared the posts to various pages. There were many odia Facebook pages which were way ahead of us.

Now coming to the topic, the person who inspired a lot to me to go ahead with this journey, he is non other than my beloved brother Amrutanshu Panda. By profession, he is a techie. He is expert in short stories, poems and crisp one or two liner memes. His innovative ideas and creative thinking makes us proud and helps us to lead the page in technically as well as functionally too. During first year there were 25/30K odd subscribers and it meant a lot to us.

After few months I met a guy in our own page who was used to comment in each and every post. The best thing about him was that he was a die-hard fan of our page even when Odisha troll was just nothing. Sometimes his comment awkward but most of the times those were brilliant and interactive. I used to read every comment. His nonstop funny and crispy replies made me kept an eye on him and his talent. One fine day he asked me to make him the admin and without even asking a word, I did it and the rest is what Odisha Troll has achieved in these 3 years. Guys I am really feeling proud to announce the name Debajyoti Pradhan

Now it is time to introduce myself. What I will say about me!! There is nothing special about me. I am Chittaranjan Sur I work in a logistics Company. Yes off course staying out of Odisha. 10 to 10 is my daily routine; whenever I get free times I come to page and tries to edit new memes to entertain you whether it may be Baba Biranchi tips or any Gyans . Mostly I take care of editing and visualization and presenting stuffs, Amrutanshu keeps track of our page maintenance and audience responses.

As I told before without you we are nothing. You guys might have abused us, may be a lot of times but we are family and we agree that sometimes we go off topic and talk shit but that is how people grow. They commit mistake and then realize it. Saying sorry should not be considered a loss of game but instead a proud thing.

Odisha troll  Presence in internet

1. FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/Odishatroll/ Our Facebook page named ‘Odisha troll’ is one of the most popular fan pages in Odisha, with over 1-lakh followers – majority among the age group between 18 and 35 years. Over the last 2 years

2. TWITTER – https://twitter.com/odishatroll

3. INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/odishatroll/

4. YOUTUBE – https://www.youtube.com/Odishatroll

5. WEBSITE – www.odishatroll.com

On a personal note, we owe you people everything. Whatever we are, it is just because of you all. To be honest, I am not making this up, by writing an article. This is just a special thank you note that has made my eyes wet. A small decision in our life can indeed bring in big difference! ! Stay Blessed. Jay Jagannath, Bande Utkala Janani