FB suicide video: Odisha police arrest wife of deceased, her alleged paramour

    ଶେଷରେ ଯାହା ଆଶଙ୍କା କରାଯାଉଥିଲା ସେଇଆ ହେଲା। ମୃତ ସ୍ୱାମୀଙ୍କ ବୟାନ୍‌ ସତ ବୋଲି ତଦନ୍ତରୁ ଜାଣିବା ପରେ ପୋଲିସ ଶାନ୍ତନୁଙ୍କ ପତ୍ନୀ ଓ ତାଙ୍କ ତଥାକଥିତ ପ୍ରେମିକଙ୍କୁ ଶନିବାର ଗିରଫ କରିଛି। ଶାନ୍ତନୁଙ୍କ ଆତ୍ମହତ୍ୟାର ପ୍ରମୁଖ କାରଣ ପତ୍ନୀଙ୍କ ପରକୀୟା ପ୍ରୀତି ବୋଲି କହିଛନ୍ତି ପୁରୀ ଏସ୍‌ପି ସାର୍ଥକ ସଡଙ୍ଗୀ।


    Puri:  Sadar police today arrested deceased Santanu Patra’s wife Anita Pradhan and her alleged lover Amaresh Swain in connection with former’s suicide in Gudibhingura village in Puri.

    Earlier,  Santanu Patra, an engineer working in an IT firm in Bengaluru had committed suicide on November 9 after recording a 15-minute video and going live on Facebook.

    In the video, Santanu had accused his wife of having an extra-marital affair.

    “During interrogation, Santanu’s wife Anita and Amaresh with whom her marriage was fixed earlier had denied any involvement in the case. We had initiated an investigation after registering a case under section 306 of IPC and had begun a probe taking into account mobile call details, Facebook chats and other messages on WhatsApp,” said Puri SP Sarthak Sarangi.

    Sarangi further informed that both Anita and Amaresh’s mobile records confirmed that they were in contact with each other after marriage and were involved in an extra-marital affair as alleged by Santanu.

    Earlier on Monday, police had booked Anita and her alleged lover Amaresh under Sections 306, 506, 34 of Indian Penal Code.

    In the video shot, Santanu alleged that his life was completely shattered while his image in society was tarnished due to his wife’s illicit affair.

    Santanu also alleged that his wife’s family members were mentally torturing him frequently after he came to know about his wife’s infidelity.

    However, Anita then had refuted the allegations and claimed that she had not done anything wrong.

    Amaresh Swain had also claimed that though he was in a relationship with Anita, they had no such affair after her marriage. Santanu might have committed suicide only because of growing suspicion about his wife, said Amaresh.