Have You Seen The Face Behind The Bigg Boss Voice? Here’s A Photo!


For several years, there’s one voice that almost every household in India is familiar with. And that is none other than the baritone voice of Bigg Boss from the popular reality show series. Have you ever wondered what the real ‘Bigg Boss’ looks like? Pictures have been floating around for a while, but in case you missed them, have a look below:


Atul Kapoor is Bigg Boss! He’s the man who has been the contestants’ confidant, psychologist, friend, mentor and much more during the mentally grueling show. And the news also doing the rounds is that even Atul stays confined in a room, keeping an eye on the contestant’s every move. Of course, the man makes announcements inside the house at odd hours in the night, so that’s bound to be true. Well, kudos to the guy for doing such an amazing job on the show. We hope to hear him soon in the next season of the show.