Ollywood Star Buddhaditya Mohanty reacted badly to a Lady and even not hesitated to abuse


Buddhaditya Mohanty !! The name is enough when the matter is relate to “Social Controversy”. He couldn’t take odia film criticism and again reacted badly to a girl. Even he didn’t feel ashamed for abusing a lady in social media. It’s not first time for him. The same thing happened with another facebook user before few days.


Facebook user Pranati Maharana Shared a news related to Buddhaditya on 8th February 2017 with her own opinion. Everyone has their rights to say something independently. On the date of 26th march 2017 Mr. Buddhaditya replied aggressively and tried to sit on her mind as what he is saying is right..

Is this the way to behaved with a girl? Now go through the entire post and comments and share your views here