Sai Anish Pattanaik – The Wonder boy


Three-year-old Sai Anish Pattnaik of this town in Ganjam district is not just a face in the crowd, thanks to his astounding memory power.
The son of Swaroopa and Saroj Kumar Pattnaik, Sai stays with his parents at Sunabeda. His father Saroj works as an engineer in Sunabeda-based Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
A playschool which he attends has waived off his fees noticing his rare mental prowess.
This correspondent met the wonder kid and was surprised with his ability to remember a vast array of information at such a tender age.
Saroj spoke to this correspondent and narrated the rare memory power of the child. He claimed that his son can identify the models of 61 cars in just a minute and 40 seconds.
Sai has been rewarded for his astounding memory power at a competition organised to mark the International Day for Deaf and Dumb at Sunabeda where he recalled 57 car models without a hitch.
The Indian World Record Bureau in Jharkhand has awarded Sai for his memory power while the Incredible Book of Records in Uttar Pradesh has selected him for an award.

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His father has also applied to the Guinness Book of World Records to place the name of his son in the prized journal.
“Sai’s terrific memory power came to fore when he started taking interest in cars. He would remember the name of each car he had seen and could easily identify them from their pictures,” Saroj said.
Last year, Saroj planned to purchase a car and was browsing some websites when Sai, who was sitting by his side, immediately recalled the names of all the car models his father was looking at.
While going around the town with his father, Sai would immediately recognise a car even by noticing it from a distance. His rare ability has made his grandparents Basant Kumari and Ranjit Kumar Pattnaik proud as they never stop speaking high of their grandson.


Media credit ” Orissa post”