This Video Of College Girls From Odisha Dancing On Rahman’s Muqabala Is Breaking The Internet!


It is said that if you enjoy art, others enjoy it with you. So, when you dance like crazy at a party, often others are attracted to shake a leg with you, and even if that doesn’t happen, people enjoy to watch you dance, right?

This is what has apparently happened in this dance video of Odisha college girls, which was posted in January 2017 but is still trending with over 13 millions views on YouTube. Apparently, people are enjoying this group of girl’s dancing.

From A.R. Rahman’s Mukabala to Dil To Pagal Hai’s Chak Dhoom Dhoom, the girls’ energy is so infectious that people in the video as well couldn’t stop cheering and applauding.

The video has got over 13 million views as of now and going by the comments, people are simply loving it.

Now, you know why it’s crashing the internet?!