Viral Video: Girl stripped naked by engineering students in Odisha capital!

ମିଳିଥିବା ସୂଚନା ଅନୁଯାୟ ଏହି ପ୍ରେମୀ ଯୁଗଳ ହେଉଛନ୍ତି ରାଜଧାନୀର ଏକ ଇଞ୍ଜିନିୟରିଂ କଲେଜର ଛାତ୍ରଛାତ୍ରୀ। ଦୁହେଁ ଗତକାଲି ସନ୍ଧ୍ୟାରେ ଏକ ନିର୍ଜନ ସ୍ଥାନରେ ଛିଡା ହୋଇ ଗପସପ ହେଉଥିଲେ । ତେବେ ଏହି ସମୟରେ ୩ ଯୁବକ ଆସି ସମ୍ପୃକ୍ତ ଯୁବତୀଙ୍କୁ ଟଣାଓଟରା କରିବା ସହ ଜବରଦସ୍ତ ଉଲଗ୍ନ କରିଥିଲେ।

Bhubaneswar: A video of a girl being stripped naked apparently by three students of a reputed private engineering college of Odisha’s capital city Bhubaneswar is doing the rounds on WhatsApp.
Some obscene photos of the incident have also gone viral on the instant messaging platform.
According to reports, the shocking incident took place in Khandagiri area of the city. The victim was evidently forced to remove her clothes by the trio following which they recorded the incident on mobile phone and also clicked some photos. Though the girl initially opposed the act but in vain. A youth, who appears to be her friend, was seen witnessing the ordeal helplessly.


After she started shouting in a bid to seek help, they fled the spot, reports said.
Till filing of the report, no police complaint was lodged in this regard.

Watch the video here too –